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Hatsan Gladius
« on: June 18, 2021, 12:03:46 PM »
I,ve been working on my mates Gladius these past two days. It was down on power and could get only 30 or so usable shots from a 200 bar fill before dropping off a cliff at 150 bar. Something was obviously not right. Looking on You Tube i found a lot of posts by some bodger telling folks how to take one apart. Take a look at how he removes the anti tamper screw and i guarantee you,ll piss yourself. All it needed was to enlarge the transfer port and not by much , only 0.2 mm. The port had a nasty burr at one end , impeding the airflow. I just opened it up to 2mm , chamfered both ends of the port and boom , it shot up to 13.3 fpe , from 10.7 . I had to back off the hammer spring which requires an extra long allen key , and now it runs , from a charge of 170 bar to give eighty god shot at around 11.6 fpe. And, to cap it all , I didn,t need to dismantle the rifle half as much as the afore mentioned bodger.

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Re: Hatsan Gladius
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2021, 07:27:32 PM »
I've not seen the vid, but I'll have a search for it.

It sounds sorta similar to a Hatsan AT44 I had. That would start on bang on power, but gradually drop velocity as the cylinder pressure went down. I suspected the transfer port was too small, but as the rifle was new and under warranty, I didn't open it up.
It was no biggie, as long as the cylinder pressure was not allowed to fall too low, accuracy was fine........but I knew the rifle had the potential to perform more efficiently.

Way back when.......I had the same thing with an S310 that I'd fitted with a Terry Robb 3" hammer spring to supposedly improve 'lock-time'. The slightly stronger spring gave more (too much) power, so I had to choke it down with the transfer port grub screw to keep it sub 12. Doing that then made the rifle drop off the charge too the cylinder pressure dropped the air didn't then have enough ooomph to force it's way past the almost closed port. At about 140bar it feel off a cliff. Refitting the standard hammer spring and opening the port restored the balance, and SPC efficiency returned to as expected. The faster 'lock-time' I'd been searching for didn't make a blind bit of difference to was all cons, with no pro's.

That episode taught me a valuable lesson with regards to spring rates.