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Windage Estimation Formula
« on: March 28, 2015, 02:05:57 PM »
I've just read of a very simple formula to help gauge how much aim-off to use when shooting in wind.

All you need to know are the distance to the target, and the wind speed.

Simply divide the distance by 10, divide the wind speed by 2, then multiply the two figures together to give the number of mil-dots you need to aim off.

Let's use a 40 yard target with a 12mph wind as an example....

40 divided by 10 = 0.4

12 divided by 2 = 6

0.4 x 6 = 2.4 (mil-dots)

Now obviously this isn't a definitive, as exactly pellet placement will depend on various other factors, but it does give informed help, rather than just guessing.