Author Topic: New or prospective members please read before joining.  (Read 14482 times)

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New or prospective members please read before joining.
« on: December 19, 2011, 02:28:03 PM »
Would prospective members please be aware that this is a very friendly and informal forum, with a laid back atmosphere.

Therefore, while any questions You may have will be quickly and expertly answered by our very knowledgeable membership, it has to be expected and accepted that threads or topics may wander off from the original subject once the answer has been addressed.

Your questions WILL be correctly answered or discussed, but will probably be mixed-in with a sense of fun and banter, not found on any other, more stuffy and straight laced forums, of which there are plenty.

So please do not feel scared to post or join in, for fear of being belittled or reprimanded (although the forums rules must be adhered to).

Please bear all of the above in mind to help You decide if the unique atmosphere on here is for You, before You make Your decision to apply to join this forum.

Thank You.
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