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Mary's Home Coming
« on: February 21, 2021, 08:19:41 PM »
Mary stood in front of the small house in a little Irish village she left some 20 years ago.

She rang the bell not even knowing if her parents still lived there.

A wizened, grey haired old man answered the door. "Hello can oi help yer" he said.

"Hello farder tis oi Mary yer long lost dotter"

"Bejesus, three hail mary's mudder of God come in Mary and tell me what yerv been doin dees past 20 years".

Mary sits on the sofa she distinctly remembers bouncing on as a child. "Well farder for the last 20 years oi have been a prostitute"

The old man jumps to his feet and shouts "Get out yer harlot oil not have yer under the same roof as me lovely woif".

"Oim sorry yer feel dat way farder coz oi was just about to give the key to a 50,000 euro Mercedes which is sitting outside. With that Mercedes, you could take mammy to the harbour where dere is 200,000 euro yacht which you use to sail to the Algarve where dere is a villa wid yer name on the deeds where you and mammy can spend the rest of yer days in luxury".

The old man thought for a second. "What did yer say yer had been doin fer 20 years ?"

"A prostitute farder" Mary replied.

He gives the girl a huge hug and says............

................. "Three hail mary's mudder of God oi tort yer said a Protestant"