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Sawyer water filter
« on: June 23, 2017, 01:01:03 PM »
last week when it was scorching hot i was given a lift to the shooting club, Phil (who gave me a lift) said that it would have killed me to go to peddle 6 miles (most of it up hill) in the 28 C heat, i said that i probably couldn't carry enough water to get there and back, (i'm carrying a a bit of weight in the 2 panniers and in a rucksack. the lowest point is 35ft above sea level the highest is 260ft, but it goes from 35 ft to 180 ft then back down to 35 ft then up to 260ft) i said to Phil that it was a pity that we could not drink the water from the little stream behind the club, Phil said he would as when he takes his dogs for a walk, he never takes any water with him, he just takes a water filter and drinks from nearly any water source, the name of the filter is Sawyer mini
the closest thing i can think the hollow fiber membrane is like is activated charcoal.
i got one of the filters and tried it on Thursday when i went to the club on my bike to help with range maintenance, carrying only 1L of water instead of 2-3 makes a big difference (3kg might not seem like much but after carrying it for nearly 6 miles and up 230ft that 3kg feels like 30kg and my knees and back are not getting any better :()
as it turns out the stream is fed from a spring and not field runoff like we all thought and the spring is high in mineral content as the area is dolomite rock
as i said ive tried the filter, im still alive with no bad guts, its well worth the money if your spending a lot of time out doors (biking or hiking) some are even using it to filter tap water. 
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Re: Sawyer water filter
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2017, 01:13:49 PM »
It should do the trick mate just be mindful of any farms near by that could have animal waste or crop fertilisers etc pesticides is another. Also rubber and brake dust from near roads too. I'm on a bore hole at home with no filters etsy and not had problems.
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