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Re: BSF 55 MK11
« Reply #10 on: November 05, 2017, 02:26:25 PM »
A few years ago I spied a seemingly brand new large BSF underlever with a price of 175 on it, I had enough on me to buy it but for some stupid reason, I didn't take it home with me!

The following weekend I decided to go and buy it but of course, Someone else took this beauty home with them

Been there done that (with other airguns) many times in the past.

I once told a bloke who worked near me that I'd seen a rifle but didn't buy it on the spot as I try no to make impulse purchases. I explained that in hindsight, I was now regretting not buying it there and then, and was hoping it would still be there when I returned to the gunshop the following Saturday.

In his laid back way, he said to me @look at it this way....if you are meant to have that gun, it will still be there, if it's gone, then inthe great scheme of things you simply weren't meant to have it".

His attitude and approach made perfect sense, and is something I try to live by these days......if it's meant to be, then it willall come good. ;) 8) :)

Nice rifle by the way Ian..........I'm sure I had a small BSF break barrel rifle like that when I was little more than a nipper, but didn't know of it's impending reverence and future collectability back then. ::) :(