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'S and S' Air Rifle Targets
« on: January 18, 2012, 02:08:30 PM »
Back around last September, S and S very kindly sent me one of their targets to review on the AGU, but due to events that happened soon after, I was unable to do that review, so my sincerest apologies go to both Sue and Si for my lateness in being able to write this article.

But hey, that was then, and this is now......and this is my totally honest review of S and S's 'Twin Auto Reset' model.

When the target arrived to me, it came packaged in bubble wrap, which itself was inside a black polythene bag.

Upon opening the package, I was a bit disappointed to find the target had been damaged in the post. It was nothing major, and nothing that 30 seconds, a vice, and a hammer couldn't sort out. I did feel that the target would have benefited from being more professionally presented (and protected) if it came in it's own box though.

Inspection of the target revealed good strong materials and construction, the welds looking especially well executed, and strong.

The unit was coated with a very shiny black epoxy type power coat finish which, while it is never going to withstand the areas being constantly struck by pellets, it is going to do a good job of protecting the rest of the target from corrosion, and help to keep it looking smart though.

The model I was sent, the 'Twin Auto Reset' has three target discs, two lower ones which hang either side of the main central shaft, and one in the middle at the top, which is struck to reset the two lower ones. When one of the lower side discs is hit, it is rotated backwards by the force, but it's progress is stopped 3/4's of a rotation round by a horizontal bar attached to the top middle disc. The lower disc is then held at such an angle, that it is to all intents and purposes 'invisible' to the shooter. Hitting the other lower disc does exactly the same thing, which then leaves the top target being the only one visible. Smacking this with a well aimed shot moves the horizontal bar out of the way, and allows the lower discs to swing down back into view.

Bright yellow circular stickers are fitted to the 1"and 1/4 lower target discs, and a white circular sticker is attached to the 1"and 1/2 top target disc. I do feel it would be a nice touch if a few extra/spare stickers were included in with the target, as they obviously don't last forever.

On using the target, I did find it was a bit on the tall side for my particular situation.  As it is 24" (2 foot) high, it stuck up quite a way over the top of my backstop, so any missed shots at the top target would have resulted in the pellet going through my garden fence, and into the neighbouring garden, which is not only illegal, but quite possibly dangerous too. I realise not every user would have the same problem though, as if you had a larger backstop, or were shooting out in the fields etc, then the tall height would not be an issue at all. In fact, if you were setting up the target in long grass for example, it would be a positive advantage. I have discussed this with S and S, and suggested shorter versions of this model, or possibly one that is adjustable in height, via a rod inside a tube, with a wingnut grubscrew to lock into place. Obviously this would increase the cost somewhat, but I feel it may well be a price worth paying.

Fixing the target into the ground is via a footprong, and again this is very well secured to the mainshaft with a very strong looking weld, and the prong itself is of a decent enough size to allow you to get a good purchase on it with your foot, to help drive the spikes deep into the ground.

Another modification that I feel would benefit this target (and again one that I have already suggested to S and S) is for the target discs to be removable, via a thread welded to the back of the discs. This thread would then go through a hole in the vertical 'paddle bar' of the targets, and then secured from behind with a 'nyloc' nut. Different sized discs could then be sold/offered at time of purchase, or at a later date. This I feel, would make the target much more versatile, as smaller discs could be fitted/used when markmanship skills have improved enough for a greater challenge to be needed. Likewise, larger discs could be fitted for the use of juniors, who's skill may not yet be good enough to hit the smaller discs, and so the fitting of larger discs would help to improve their success rate, and therefore nurture their interest....coz we all know how quickly kids can get bored ,or lose interest, if something doesn't happen instantaneously, don't we?

I feel if S and S were to take onboard the suggestion of interchangeable sized target discs, it would benefit everybody, the shooter would get a more versatile product, and S and S would gain another avenue of profit by the sale of the various sized I hope they agree and put my idea into production. (Plus I've got a Royalty Licence in place on the idea already, He He).

The price for the particular model I was kindly sent for review is a VERY reasonable 14.50, plus postage. I feel that even if you attempted to make something of similar quality to the S and S target yourself, that after paying out for materials and paint etc, you would be very hard stretched to match that price...and that doesn't even include any labour effort either! So how S and S are managing to offer such a well  made and robust target for the money, is a minor miracle in itself.

So, in summary, S and S offer a very well constructed product for a very low asking price, but even if that price was to rise slightly, to address the very minor issues I have suggested (packaging, extra stickers etc), or to offer a level of greater versatility (at least to this model), then I feel any increases would be justified, and S and S would have a product that they can be even prouder of, than they undoubtedly are already.

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Re: 'S and S' Air Rifle Targets
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2012, 02:44:31 PM »
I have been posting info on these targets from when Planet Airgun started

I spoke to Simon and he made me some targets to the format I wanted, I have now got these >>>

We are still working on other designs which I hope to have ready for the "Planet Airgun Meet" in April.

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Re: 'S and S' Air Rifle Targets
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2012, 04:00:59 PM »
These are fantastic targets. I did a thread about these on the old AGU. I have most of what they have made also....these are great family fun targets, for ALL ages, and levels of experience. :)
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