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Made my decision...
« on: April 20, 2012, 10:22:29 PM »
Went by a gun and tackle shop tonight on the way home.......had a nice Savage, liked the trigger absolutley spot on the accutrigger but the synth stock let it down...badly, especially with the 'bannnana' mag sticking out the foreend!!!

I like the CZ 455, not one in stock so played with a 452 synth (silouette) they had in, damn is that a nasty trigger, I had heard of them being pish but this was exceptional. Short travel and heluva heavy
, a spring kit can be had over tinternet for around a tenner so if it's no better it's an easy fix, I didn't like the trigger or the safety but then the action was nice so I've decided it's a .22lr CZ 455, 16" varmit barrel laminate TH. :):):)

Springers:- SMK VXS19 - 18 GRT3 trigger & HW97k V-Glide
PCP's:- Uncle Barry's Daystate Mk3 (FAC), BSA Superten & AA S510
FAC :- Anschutz 1417 .22LR, CZ 452 .17HMR & Tikka T3 .223 1:8
Shotguns:- 12 Gauge Bettinsoli Xtrail O/U & Beretta A302 Semi-Auto