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My Last Shooting Trip
« on: February 19, 2012, 07:55:31 PM »
This was the last time I was out on my permission as such..I had posted it on another site...and it was October 2010..was it that long since I had a decent day out shooting..mind you I'm back in the UK soon..well March for 3 weeks..So hopefully the weather will be OK...

Went out today on my old permission for a few hours as I won't be doing much shooting over the next 6 months so I filled the AA S400k....and with a pouchful of pellets off I trotted...

Thought I'd do a quick check zero and at 30 metres all was well and on target.. thumbnail sized groups so yea good to go...Then it was a slow stalk around..plenty of woodies and crows and Maggies but the wily birds were all at too long a I did a slow wander down to the fence line and lo and behold a couple of rabbits in the adjacent field...then an RWS Superdome .22 from yours truly made sure one of said rabbits wouldn't do any more damage!! Retrieved the bunny and stayed put for a while...and I could hear a couple of squizzers barking and coughing at each other ...I managed to get in position to draw a bead on one..10 feet up an Elm tree and at around 20 metres so I popped him out of the bough of the Elm tree and down he came and a big old boy he was too..

I baited him out to see if any of the crows and Maggies would come in but no I waited a good hour but no joy what so ever so I moved along the wood line for looksee and another squizzer was pottering around on the deck a gathering nuts so just to be sociable I whacked him with an RWS Superdome in the head and it was goodnight Vienna for him...must have been the day for squizzers as there were quite a few around but they were all a bit high up and at longer ranges

So I wandered around along the woodline nice and quietly but nothing more presented itself so it was down to see the landowner and drop the rabbit in for his dogs and a quick chat with him and to let him know I'm off back to Tenerife for 6 months so then I won't be shooting the area..and the nice fella that he is just said when you come back bell me and help yourself to whats about and shoot away to your hearts content..oh yes he said thanks for the rabbit for the dogs mind you it's the least I can do..So all in all a good 3 hours out and about on the old permission

Can't wait til April though
 so hopefully it'll be decent weather..

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