Author Topic: double spinner targets, heavy duty construction, 25, 30 or 40mm kill zones avail  (Read 1135 times)

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hi, i have for sale some spinner targets , these are made by myself. they feature two kill zone diamonds , the killzone diamonds can be either 25,30 or 40mm in size , they can be both the same size , or one of each size the overall size of the frame is 16" high x 9" wide. they are made out of heavy duty steel. the frames are made from 10mm round bar the kill zone diamonds are made from 3mm thick solid steel plate. the spinner arms are made from 16mmx3mm flat steel bar they will easily outlast any of the flimsy shop bought ones as the kill zone diamond is fully welded to the spinner bar , not just spot welded like most commercially bought ones , that are likely to come apart with repeated use. . they have been tested thoroughly by me and work perfectly , even with low powered pistols. as well as rimfire if you want different sized kill zones , please email me.

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hi , i have been involved with airguns for over 30 years and have an extensive knowledge of airguns , and airgun tuning.
i also make parts for airguns