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Title: Walther RM 8 woes
Post by: Baggawind on August 28, 2019, 11:34:42 AM
Just a word of warning to anyone out there who owns one of these. Like all pneumatics, the seals will eventually need replacing. I recently re-sealed the reg in my mates rifle , simple enough task one would think. But no . Assuming you put the Belville washers back in the correct order you might get lucky and have the rifle performing as it was pre- leaking. If not , it will need adjusting. Trouble is . no one makes a reg tester for these rifles. And, worse still, the firing valve is part of the reg and is sealed not with an O ring but thread sealant. Assuming you can remove the firing valve , you,ll still have to have a reg tester made. So, my advice is , if you have a leaking reg get it replaced as a complete unit.