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Maintenance, Modifications and Upgrades / indexing post
« Last post by sme4969 on June 24, 2018, 09:13:34 PM »
hi guys this is for all the s410/510 owners ;)
if your indexer breaks don't buy a new one :( make your own ;)
mine broke awhile back so i made another one from plastic ;)  :)

Open Discussion / Re: Gone
« Last post by sme4969 on June 24, 2018, 08:24:51 PM »
yep got a homer belly LOL
by time i'm 70 i may be round like you are :P LOL
What I was getting mad about, was ups adding a brokerage fee on top of what customs wanted after they (ups) had been payed for delivering a parcel
It's not UPS's the soddin' HMRC that's the greedy bastards!!!

I recently bought a premium brand (secondhand) watch from Japan......amazingly, within 24hrs of ordering it arrived in the UK, and then it sat for 3 WEEKS at an import depot in Coventry. When they eventually got around to processing it, they wanted 98 for their efforts (yeah, what efforts??)....and even then that wasn't delivered to me......I had to collect it from a depot 35 miles from the delivery address.

Robbin' feckers!!! >:( >:( >:(
Open Discussion / Re: Hello / Goodbye Thread
« Last post by Gambo on June 23, 2018, 05:30:17 PM »
Great to have you back da da. ;)

Afters Planet....been out on the bike sticky tarmac.....lully!!! 8)
Open Discussion / Re: Hello / Goodbye Thread
« Last post by da da on June 23, 2018, 02:35:31 PM »
 Hi sorry no been on
Lost my wife two year back
Been some we're else if honest still a bit me thinks leave it at that
I agree it's a faff with all the different connector fittings these days. Maybe the airgun industry out to take a leaf out of the mobile phone manufacturer's book when they standardised the charger plugs.

I removed the centre valves from a load of the old style Air Arms male inlets, and fitted one to each and every one of my different probes and snap connectors, so I don't need to keep unscrewing various probes/female connectors off and on my hose all the time, they just now snap into the old style female AA connector which is constantly attached to it.

Not a cheap option I grant you, but certainly the least time consuming......and also the one which gives the least ball ache too!
i did this, you can get the center less vales from hydraulic hose suppliers, the ones i got only cost a few each

Almost ready for Shipment with New Crosman .22 in House made in New York, USA made Barrel's.....No more Chicom $#!t .22 Barrel's.....Franky


            $300/227 GBP.....Shipped
227 shipped, until the sender try's to ship to the uk, i ordered a cleaning kit from otis as it was cheaper than buying it from the uk, free shipping it said, it turns out that the free shipping is only in the US, the shipping came to $62, they kindly waved this fee, it was shipped by ups, as soon as it got in to the UK there was a charge for duties, taxes and a brokerage fee, which came to 60% of the original purchase price! after all the screw ups from ups, otis kindly paid the duties. if i had to pay the postage and all the duties and taxes (and the add-ons by ups) the cost of the cleaning kit would have been TWICE that of the same thing in the uk.

just checked the post to the uk for the rifle 84.50 then theirs import tax and duties and if delivered by ups there will be other charges.

(as you can probably tell, I'm still a little bit annoyed with ups ::))
Open Discussion / Re: Today's Word is -
« Last post by Gambo on June 22, 2018, 04:39:39 PM »
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