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Gambo; My Pump Died on 2nd fill to 3k. There sending Slip for pick-up by UPS for Replacement.....Franky
Shooting Shows and Game Fairs / 2019 British Shooting Show New Gun's w/Pix
« Last post by 21grains on February 16, 2019, 09:05:46 PM »

British Shooting Show/w PIX of all the UGLY New Air Rifle's.....Franky
General Airgun Chat / NEW HW100 Pup Launched
« Last post by 21grains on February 16, 2019, 07:32:57 PM »
Open Discussion / Congrat's People of the UK
« Last post by 21grains on February 15, 2019, 04:27:47 PM »
Pres. Trump Today New's conf...... New Trade Deal post Brexit w/New Country's in The UK and USofA and reassess Trade with EU, for the benefit of the UK & USofA.....

HOW about That.....Franky
The Disco Barrel's were not Drilled crooked. I Read somewhere the QB 78-79 .22 Barrels were F-up the same as Disco Barrel's Crown Cutter alinement Stud Rip's up last 1/2" of Rifleing ,alltho My .22 Disco built July 2008 238th one Made is Fine and a Shooter.....Franky
The duff SMK barrels that I've seen have all had a banana bore.

Even though the outside of the barrel was straight, the hole drilled down it's length wasn't.

Those barrels were on QB78's, but all the barrels fitted to their range of PCP rifles have thankfully been excellent. :)
Ammo, Accessories and Equipment / Re: JSB .25 King's 25.39gr Pellet-Test-Review
« Last post by 21grains on February 11, 2019, 11:41:06 PM »
More Rain & Wind.....Not a good Day in the already soaked Wood's.....Your Farmer Boots/Wellys would stick in the Muck and You Walk right out of Them   Kind of Day.....Franky
 The QB78-79 Barrel's Damage to Rifle'ing at the Crown, from Crowning Blade Alignment Stud ripping into last 1/2" of Rifleing.....The Exact same as Crosman Discovery PCP .22 w/Chicom Barrel ,Untill last Year, Now all 4 Cal. Made in House @ Crosman .177  .20  .22  .25   I'm Very Surprised at the .25 They were always made in New Hampshire by Green Mountain Barrel Co. for Crosman.....Franky
Open Discussion / Re: Hello / Goodbye Thread
« Last post by Gambo on February 11, 2019, 06:32:00 PM »
Good evening Planet. :)
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