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Open Discussion / Re: Welsh TT Races.
« Last post by rabbit sniper on Today at 03:49:14 PM »
I'm claiming my spot in your garden now for a 3 man tent then  ;)
Open Discussion / Re: Hello / Goodbye Thread
« Last post by rabbit sniper on Today at 03:45:34 PM »
Icey are you on bloody holiday again  8)
Afternoon planet
Open Discussion / Re: Earthquake?
« Last post by rabbit sniper on Today at 03:05:14 PM »
I just thought the rumbling was my stomach  ::)
General Airgun Chat / Re: Blerk's Progress
« Last post by IceBlerk on Today at 01:22:26 PM »
@Gambo : Shut up, you mentalist! You'll wake her up!

After last weekend at the range satisfied me that my Bantam is now shooting as it is supposed to I am now on a mission to determine the best pellet for the gun.

On Friday afternoon on my way home from work I called in at South Yorkshire Airguns to see if they sold sample packs of pellets.

They don't. BUT ............... When I asked chappie behind the counter what he would recommend he gave me 50 (or so) Bisley Magnums from an open tin. Great customer service. So I bought a tin of Kaisers to give me something else to work with and to ease my conscience over the freebies.

Mrs. Blerk pulled an extra shIft on Saturday afternoon so I headed off to the range.

My plan was simple; set up some targets at 25 yards and shoot groups WITHOUT zeroing to determine the best grouping/consistency.

Here are the first two targets :

So, from left to right the columns are AAF, Bisley, JSB and Kaiser.

All are groups of 10 and shot at 25 yards.

Not all groups were shot "in sequence" (i.e. I may have shot 10 Kaisers after 20 Bisleys after shooting 10 JSBs). I did this to try to negate the effects of the pressure in my bottle dropping and any effect that pellet switching without cleaning can affect the leading in the barrel. Your advice on whether this was wise or not is welcome.

I also interleaved 10 shot groups on a "Shoot-N=C" target below the paper targets above.

Here it is :

Clockwise from top-left the pellets are : JSB, Kaiser, Bisleys, AAFs.

About the Bisley Magnums:
  • They're 21.4 so they're significantly heavier than the other pellets. I was expecting quite a drop in the point of impact on the target but it wasn't as pronounced as I thought it would be.
  • Filling the magazine with them was not as smooth as the other pellets.
  • Pushing the bolt forward to feed a Magnum into the breech was AWFUL. (At one point it was so difficult that I thought I'd buggered the gun up completely!!!!!)

So, what do I think I learnt?

First off; the Bisley Magnums were very poor and I wouldn't use them even if their grouping was really good. The difficulty I had feeding them into the breech was VERY worrying.

The Kaisers were not as good as I had expected (they're the ones recommended by Brocock for the rifle) and the groups tended to be spoilt by fliers.

The AAFs were pretty good until the pressure in the gun started to drop and then the groups would loosen up.

The JSBs were good and consistent across the full range of air in the gun's bottle.

By this point I had run out of Bisleys (thank God!) and I decided to fill up the gun wiht air, do a little plinking (links to plinking videos to follow in another post when I've got the vid's off the camera) and shoot some targets with just the JSBs and AAFs (as these seemed, once again, to be the pellet of choice for the rifle).

Here's the first target (JSB on left targets, AAFs on the right) :

And the associated "Shoot-N-C" (JSB on left two targets, AAFs on the right two):

I shot the top groups of JSBs in the top and "Shoot-N-C" targets followed by the top groups of the AAFs and THEN I ZEROED using JSBs.

The next group was the middle left JSBs. That group is as sweet as a nut as far as I'm concerned.

I then shot a group of FIVE into the bottom left of the SNC target. If I'd stopped at three shots I'd have had a cloverleaf but I needed to reassure myself that it wasn't luck.

Then I shot the equivalent AAF groups. .................... Not bad!

Finally it was the bottom targets on the paper card; JSBs first then AAFs.

I think the final JSB group was not as good as previous ones; could that be because I'd just shot 15 AAFs before it?

Overall conclusions?

I'm settled on JSBs. The AAFs aren't bad but the JSBs just have the edge. I've ordered a JSB sample pack and hope to narrow my pellet choice down even further. After that I will only have myself to blame!

I'll let you know the results when I have them.

In other gnus; I got a call on Saturday afternoon from Anston Field Target Club, my name has filtered to the top of the list of prospective members.

So I'm on the horns of an enema............ Do I pursue it and get membership or do I politely decline the offer so I have more time for my existing shooting?

Pro's :
  • It's 10/15 minutes away from where I live.
  • There's a covered zero range.
  • It might be more "realistic" with reference to my hunting ambitions.
  • Friendly competition.
  • Experienced members.
  • The club seems well "policed" and organised.
  • 24 hour x 365 day access to the site once a member.
  • £35 per year doesn't seem expensive.
  • Membership of a club may be handy if government legislation starts getting picky.

Con's :
  • I don't want to miss out on hunting opportunities.
  • I don't want to take up a precious membership if there are others who will get more from it than me.
  • I don't want to feel that I should spend more money of an HFT rifle.
  • Perhaps I'm just not good enough and I don't want to look like a pillock.

At the moment there are more pro's than con's so I'm sort of thinking I should have a go. I suppose I could always bow out later if I decide it's not for me.

Your opinions of range time, hunting, plinking and HFT/FT and mixing the disciplines are very welcome.
Do you know you can also turn that so-so trigger into a really good fully adjustable one ? And it,s easy to do too.
Open Discussion / Re: Earthquake?
« Last post by shakeysimon on Today at 10:20:32 AM »
My missus was working in town about a mile away and it made the shop shake,I was at home in the garden and didnít notice it,weird
Open Discussion / Re: Earthquake?
« Last post by IceBlerk on Today at 07:49:10 AM »
I didn't notice it but I'll be using it as an excuse for having a flier when I was at the range ...................
Open Discussion / Re: Hello / Goodbye Thread
« Last post by IceBlerk on Today at 07:47:38 AM »
Morning, all.

You can tell that Spring is on its way; the mornings are lighter, the evenings are not so dark and there's a warmth to the breeze that's making the palm trees sway.
Open Discussion / Re: Today's Word is -
« Last post by IceBlerk on Today at 07:45:38 AM »
I'll just grab the "50" part of that and go with .........................

Open Discussion / Re: Hello / Goodbye Thread
« Last post by Gambo on February 18, 2018, 02:53:09 PM »
Afternoon Planet.

Cold, wet and drizzly here.
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